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PACK space direction division


Aiming for an "appealing space", we will create an impressive space that boosts the meeting place with various ideas and designs, and provide an impressive experience in every scene.
Our fields include exhibitions, showrooms, interiors, corporate events, content creation,

And it's expanding into the digital realm.


at domestic exhibitions

​Introducing the production results.

In addition to our experience in overseas projects, we have built up a network of partners around the world that we have cultivated over many years through material procurement.

スクリーンショット 2022-12-26 10.59.46.png

other WORKS

The Pack Space Direction Division supports corporate marketing activities.

With designs and ideas that make use of various materials, we create impressive spaces that boost meeting places and provide moving experiences in every scene.
Our fields are expanding to exhibitions, showrooms, interiors, content creation, and the digital domain.

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