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big ideas
​We are a company that takes shape

Would you like to make a dream come true together?

Pack Space Direction Division
desired figure

meet the following conditions,

On the same ship called Space Direction (SD),

We are looking for people who can grow with us.



※As long as you meet the requirements, experience in the industry does not matter.

・People who sympathize with the vision of SD and promote it


・ People who are sincere in their work (those who are not phony)


・Positive person


・Creative people (people who use originality and ingenuity)


・People who can cooperate and cooperate


・People who can continue to learn new things, people who accept them


・A person who respects and respects others


・Those who can make efforts to improve their character and humanity


・ People with shining eyes (people who are amused)


・ People who can create their own work

Recruitment type:

Planning sales, designer, planner, marketer


Eligibility: No nationality, age or educational background


Employment form: full-time employee


Work Location: Kameido, Koto Ward, Tokyo


Salary: Determined according to company regulations after considering experience and ability

   * Salary increase once a year (April), bonus twice a year (July and December)



Employment/workmen's accident/welfare pension/health insurance/maternity leave/childcare leave (experienced)

・Corporate Defined Contribution Pension ・SME Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System


Vacation: 120 days or more per year

(2 days off per week Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

Paid vacation (10 days in the first year up to 20 days/year)

Congratulatory/condolence leave Marriage/Bereavement

Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays




Please apply using the link on the right.

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