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provided by the pack
​ total solution

~ From prior notice to after-sales ~


From concept work to design, production planning, management planning, event planning, and content planning, we do it all.


We will provide booths (modeling) with high contrast performance by utilizing our material procurement capabilities that do not generate intermediate margins.


We produce stage videos, promotional videos, videos for SNS, signage, touch panel content, etc. based on our extensive experience.


Through our network of partners around the world, we will globally develop detailed services that match the content and scale of our services.


We will respond with a full team of creators such as display design, graphic design, and content design.


Our experienced staff will ensure smooth operation and progress of booth management, staging, seminar management, etc.


We handle everything from production planning to design, copywriting, printing, and DM delivery for catalogs, pamphlets, and leaflets.


We propose how to use it, from web advertisements and LP production, online content distribution and questionnaires, to pre- and post-mail distribution.


cost performance

We are also a company that develops and sells general materials for commercial spaces.

Utilizing our material procurement capabilities, we will provide booths with high cost performance that do not generate intermediate margins.



Know-how of more than 2,000 packs accumulated

You can use it in every scene.

​We can provide the services you need as much as you need.

White Silk

Case studies & Customer feedback

Case studies  Company A

実績_アートボード 1.png

customer's voice

We take care of everything from the planning stage to production and implementation.

Post-mortem ​ questionnaire tally and

I also asked for the storage of the exhibits.

It was my first exhibition, and to be honest, I didn't know where to start.

What should I do with planning? What is the best booth layout?

I had a lot of questions that I didn't know the answer to, so I asked Mr. Puck to help me from the point of summarizing the requests of the entire team.

We were able to conduct the exhibition smoothly from start to finish, thanks to the fact that Puck was the only company to carry out the inspection.

For the next time, I asked you to keep the exhibits.

​ You can rest assured that you will be exhibiting at future exhibitions.

Case studies  Company B

customer's voice

only the services you need

​ Peace of mind that you can order according to your budget.

We consider exhibitions to be important business opportunities.

How to succeed on a limited budget

cannot be covered by the company,

I wanted to ask for only the necessary parts.

To Mr. Pac when actually running the business on our own

I received a lot of advice

We were able to successfully complete the project within budget.

Because Pack is a one-stop shop,

He had a wide range of knowledge and was very helpful.

Case studies  Company C

customer's voice

Let us take care of the details of your order

​ I was able to concentrate on planning the exhibition.

In parallel with busy work

Will the exhibition be a success?

By being able to consult such anxieties

The plan that Mr. Pak proposed was

By allocating budget where necessary

Even small details such as uniforms and novelties

I was able to concentrate on the planning of the exhibition with the proposal.

He also kindly consulted with us about the flow of customers, etc.

​ was supportive.

ISO 9001_2015 (1).jpg

Acquired ISO 9001 certification

We, the Space Direction Division, have acquired ISO9001 certification in the design, production, and construction of commercial spaces, and strive daily to provide services with a high level of customer satisfaction.


Safety management

In addition to ISO9001 certification, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Special education based on occupational safety and health regulations
for safety management and compliance

I am trying.

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